6th Step – Article Ideas From Your Categories

Once you have categories related to your niche, you will need to come up with a list of article ideas (that you will eventually write about on your blog website) related to your categories and niche.

As you already know, you have your niche, you have your categories, and now you need to come up with article (blog post) ideas that deal with the different categories of your niche.

For example:

My website is about making money online. For now, My main category is ‘Website’ (Meaning you can make money online with a website).

‘Website’ is the parent of two more categories, ‘Affiliate Marketing’, and ‘Advertising Network’. (Affiliate Marketing and and Advertising Network are two ways to make money online with a Website).

Now it is time for you to come up with and write down (or type) your article ideas to keep up with them and never forget them, because you can forget them. Trust me, it happens to all the time.

**Important Tip** Anytime you have an idea for a blog post, (content you can create for your website), write it down as soon as possible. It sucks forgetting an article idea you had.

Coming up with article ideas related to your categories is a simple process, and it’s also another very important step you will take.

Going back again, let’s just say your niche is learning to putt and the category is choosing a putter.


Think about it.

You could:

  • review putters
  • give tips
  • find out which ones are best
  • give a list of what not to choose
  • figure out the cheapest putters
  • list of most expensive putters
  • what to look for when choosing
  • where to buy putters, etc…

The list keeps going on. Every one of those are possible article ideas you could write about if your category is choosing a putter.

You need to do the same with your categories for your website niche.

You come up with blog post ideas by:

  • using your own knowledge. If you chose a niche you have some experience with, you will most likely have a ton to write about. Create content dealing with the basics then work your way up explaining topics in your niche in more detail.
  • doing your own research. If you do not know every single thing about the niche you chose, no one said you couldn’t research the niche and learn as much as you can. While you are learning, you can be coming up with new ideas for articles.
  • using keyword tools. I’m going to create a lot of articles on Keyword tools in the future, but I’ll go ahead and explain the basics. A keyword tool allows you to do research on keywords or phrases people may search for. This helps you find keywords being searched for and how many people are actually searching for that keyword. Most keyword tools show how much competition the keyword has, meaning how hard it is to get ranked in search engines for that keyword. Not only that, but it also gives you ideas of articles you could write about. I highly recommend the Jaaxy Keyword tool.
  • asking others. If you aren’t sure about something, and you can’t find it while doing your own research, don’t be scared to ask someone. There is always someone who will have the answer.
  • seeing what others are asking. While researching topics, go to websites where people ask questions related to your niche and get the idea of what kind of questions they are asking. You can use Yahoo Answers, Quora, forums related to your niche, and any other type of website like those.
  • using Google instant. You can find keywords and article ideas by going to Google and start typing something related to your niche. Google will show results from similar searches that other people are making. Keep typing and you can find all kinds of keywords and ideas to write about. (image)
  • going back through your content and coming up with new ideas (requires some content). After you create quite a bit of content for your website, go back through and see if you can come up with new ideas you can write about.

Use any or all of those methods and you will end up with a TON of content you can write about.

You should have plenty to talk about and share with others.

Another very important tip:

You need to be helping others when your writing articles.

If you aren’t helping others solve a problem or answer a question, you need to be.

So, you need to have a list of your Categories and under the category, have your list of possible article (blog post) ideas you could write about. I recommend anywhere from 5 – 20 possible articles for each of your categories.

I know that’s a lot, but that’s what it will take to build trust and brand recognition that will eventually lead to sales.

You will start writing your blog posts soon, but for now you need to learn a lot of important things about the WordPress dashboard and you have to create a few important pages for your website.

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