4th Step – Find Your WordPress Theme and Customize

You most likely already picked a theme when you were setting up your website, but is it the right theme for you? Also, is the website you visualize possible with your theme? I’m going to help you find the perfect WordPress theme that looks and functions great. Almost every WordPress theme is unique in its … Read more4th Step – Find Your WordPress Theme and Customize

3rd Step – Choose Your Hosting Company

You found your niche, you decided what your domain is going to be and now, it’s time to choose the company that will host your website. If you missed the other steps, click here to go back. A website hosting company is exactly what it sounds like… A company that hosts your websites for you. … Read more3rd Step – Choose Your Hosting Company

2nd Step – Find Your Domain Name

Finding your future domain name for your website is a VERY IMPORTANT step that you need to take as much time with to ensure you find the PERFECT domain name. You do not want to just pick the first one you come across, unless it’s the one you searched for and you want. If you … Read more2nd Step – Find Your Domain Name

1st Step – Find Your Niche

What is your favorite thing to do? I would like for you to answer that question for me. Is it…Flying quadcopters? Finding great deals? Hiking? Riding motorcycles or dirt bikes? Editing videos? Traveling the world? Training dogs? Fixing your car? Cutting your hair? Camping? Cutting your grass? Fixing computers or phones? Riding Atvs? Doing your … Read more1st Step – Find Your Niche

Introduction to Start a Blog and Monetize

Table of Contents Step 1: Find Your Niche Step 2: Find Your Domain Name Step 3: Choose Your Hosting Company Step 4: Find Your WordPress Theme Step 5: Choose Categories For Your Niche Step 6: Article Ideas From Your Categories Step 7: Learn The WordPress Dashboard Step 8: Create Your Important Pages Step 9: Create … Read moreIntroduction to Start a Blog and Monetize