5th Step – Choose Categories for your niche

I need to ask you this question again, “What is your Niche?”

For this step, you are going to come up with categories that are related to your niche. Doing this helps you come up with content to write about on your website.

Depending on your niche, you will most likely have many categories.

You can think of a category as sub-niches related to your main niche.

understanding subniches

You have your niche, then you have your categories.

(Categories are basically smaller niches that coincide with your main niche.)

For my example, my niche is Making Money Online.

My categories (or sub-niches) can be:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising Networks
  • Dropshipping

If your niche is broad, such as everything about golf, you would have plenty of categories to choose from.

Examples: putters, drivers, irons, wedges, balls, golf clothes, golf carts, golf courses, learning to putt, learning to hit, etc…

Having a broad niche means you would have a lot to blog about, but it also means you are competing with a lot of other companies and website owners.

I have a broad niche, but like I mentioned, I am not worried about getting ranked in search engines or making money from makemonayonline.com

There will always be categories for your niche.

If you can’t think of any categories for your niche off the top of your head, research your niche a bit more and see what you can come up with.

Categories can also be brands.

For example, if your website was about automotive tools, your categories could be the different tool brands.

You could also have sub-categories that could be all of the specific tools from that brand.

If you only have a few categories, you are going to be writing a lot of content dealing with those categories. You may end up running out of stuff to blog about, eventually. Which is not good. You could end up losing motivation to create content about the same thing every time. I know I would get tired of that.

When you have more categories, you will have many different things to write about, all the time.

Do your best to come up with a lot of categories for your niche.

I recommend opening a Word Document or write down on a piece of paper, every category dealing with your niche.

Now, you are going to be adding your categories to the category section of your website.

What you need to do is log in to your website by going to yourwebsite.com/wp-admin and logging in.

Once you are in your dashboard, Hover over ‘Posts’, then click ‘Categories’.

add categories to website

You will then see the “Add New Category” section.

add category to wordpress

‘Name’ is one of your categories.

The ‘Slug’ is the link to your category. It’s the URL for your category.

If your category is one word, you will only write one word for the slug. If your category is more than one word, you have to add a hyphen – between the words of your category. (Example: your-category)

‘Parent’ means if a category relates to another category.

Example: Golfing is your niche. Your first category is learning to putt. The second category is choosing the right putter. Learning to putt is the parent of choosing the right putter.

The description is exactly what it sounds like. Write a small description of the category. This is optional.

After you are finished adding every category related to your niche that you can think of, it’s time for the next step, which is finding article ideas from your categories.

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