3rd Step – Choose Your Hosting Company

You found your niche, you decided what your domain is going to be and now, it’s time to choose the company that will host your website.

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A website hosting company is exactly what it sounds like…

A company that hosts your websites for you.

Most hosting companies will offer domain registrations as well. Meaning you can buy your domain and hosting through the same website, which is what I recommend. It makes things easier for you.

For this step, you are going to pick the company that you will go through to purchase your domain name you picked on the last step, and you will purchase WordPress website hosting to get your website live.

(WordPress is the blogging platform you will use for your website.)

There are a lot of different companies to choose from that all do the same purpose, host your websites.

Instead of making this process real complicated for you, I am going to tell you what I personally use or have used and I recommend you to use.

Let’s get right to it.

What I Use To Host My Blog Websites

Throughout my journey, I have only used 2 different companies to host my blog websites.

The first company I used to host my first blog website was Godaddy.

Now, I only use and recommend Wealthy Affiliate to host my blog websites. I receive way more through WA than any other company can provide.

Of course, there are plenty of other companies to choose from.

Here are a few more WordPress hosting companies I know of:

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Godaddy

I recommend checking out PCMag’s and CNET’s reviews of many different hosting companies.

There are a few “key” things to look for when choosing a hosting company.

I always check:

  • the price of hosting.
  • price of domains.
  • reliability.
  • customer service.
  • do they upsell you.
  • I always check to see what other people think of the company.

Be sure to do your own research so you can try to find the WordPress website hosting that is perfect for you.

I use and recommend Wealthy Affiliate, but having me tell you what hosting company to choose is like telling you what car you should buy (without knowing exactly what you are looking for). Sure, I can recommend something, but only you will be able to tell if it’s right for you.

It is time for you to pick the company that will host your website.

After you do a little research and choose which hosting and domain registrar company you want to use, it’s time to register your domain and purchase WordPress hosting for your website.

It may take you a while to decide which company to go with and that’s good. You need take the time and make sure you choose the one that fits you.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

When you decide, go ahead and purchase your domain and WordPress website hosting.

If you need help with this process, I will link to the page explaining what WordPress hosting they offer.

Godaddy – You can get started for $3.99/month and you will receive a free domain with annual purchase.



If you want to choose a different hosting company, go to Google and type in “Company name + WordPress”. Replace ‘Company name’ with the name of the hosting company. Example: Type in “Godaddy WordPress”

For this process, I am going to be explaining how to get started through Wealthy Affiliate.


(I’m going through Wealthy Affiliate for this process. Follow the steps required if you choose a different hosting company. With WA, you can get started for free.)

What you need to do now is go to Wealthy Affiliate and create an account.

Wealthy Affiliate

Fill out the form or click ‘Sign-up’ at the top.

After you create your account, you are taken to the Wealthy affiliate dashboard.

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

You will need to learn just about everything here. I am going to link to a training I created at Wealthy Affiliate explaining the WA dashboard.

Learn the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

After you learn the WA dashboard, it will make things easier for you now and in the future.

Now, what you want to do is go ahead and get your website started.

This is actually going to be an easy step.

What you want to do is click the light blue ‘SiteRubix’ button on the left side.

When the other menu pops up, click ‘Site Builder’.

SiteRubix SiteBuilder

On the next page, you will have to choose the domain (Free or Purchased), name your website, then you pick a theme to start off with.

If you want to try things out, I recommend starting with a free domain. You will have to be a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate to be able to register your own domain name.

start website free

After you click that, more sections will be shown below that. You must choose your domain name and choose your theme.

Throughout this guide, I am going to be using a domain name I purchased a while back, makemonayonline.com, and my favorite WordPress theme, GeneratePress.

build your site

After you click, ‘Click Here to Build This Site!’, it will take you to the page that explains everything about your website.

website details

To log in to your website, simply click the blue ‘Login Now’ button.

To visit your website, type in your domain name or click your domain name under website details.

Your website will be blank and not have any content on it. That’s what you will learn to do.

After you login, you will see the WordPress dashboard for your website.

wordpress dashboard

There are a few things you need to do before choosing your theme (next step):

  • Delete the default Post and Page
  • Update all Plugins
  • Adjust your Settings
  • Complete your Admin Profile

Delete the default Post and Page

On the left side menu, click ‘Posts’. On the next page, all you have to do is click the red ‘Trash’ button and it is deleted.

wordpress posts

To delete a page, it’s the same process. Click ‘Pages’ on the left side and then click the red ‘Trash’ button and delete the page.

Update all Plugins

Anytime you see a number beside the two arrows in a circle at the top beside your title, that means you have plugins/themes that need updated.

1 update

Click the button and you are taken to the updates page. What you need to do is check the box for all plugins and themes, then click update. It will update them for you.

update plugins themes

Adjust your Settings

On the left side menu close to the bottom is the ‘Settings’ tab. When you hover over the ‘Settings’ tab, you only need to worry about the ‘General’ and ‘Reading’ sections for now.

Click the ‘General’ tab.

What you need to do is remove or change the Tagline for your website.

site title and tagline

The Title is your websites name and the Tagline is basically a slogan for your website. Come up with something or remove the default tagline.

I left it blank for now until I figure out exactly what I am going to do with this website.

On the left side menu, hover over ‘Settings’ and click ‘Reading’.

The first part is where you can choose to display your latest posts or a page you created specifically to be the Home page. You can have a Home page and a Blog posts page.

I am going to keep it on my latest posts and only show 10. I will probably change this in the future and you may change it as well.

What I recommend doing is changing the 4th option to ‘Summary’ instead of ‘Full text’ like in the image below. This will only show a summary of the post on the Home page instead of the full post.

reading settings

Complete your Admin Profile

At the top right corner of the WordPress dashboard, you will see ‘Howdy, admin’.

What you need to do is click that and update your profile.

You fill out the form with your name, nickname and you can choose what name you want shown.

update name

After you update your profile, scroll all the way down and click the blue ‘Update Profile’ button.

Once you complete all of that, you can visit your website. It will still be blank, but it’s a start in the right direction.

website step 3

You will learn about customizing your website in the next step.

Let’s continue with the next step.

Remember, you can contact me anytime if you need help. Be specific when you contact me so I can help you with exactly what you need.

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