12th Step – Create Your Second Blog Post

Your second post will be the hardest post to write. It’s also the most important post.

Your first post was probably your introduction post and the second one is where your visitors will see the type of content you will create.

It’s kind of a big deal and no one expects it to be “perfect”. I do expect you to try your best to make it high-quality. Show how you are the leader of your niche.

Go back to Step 10 if you need a refresher on high-quality content.

What should your second blog post be about?

Go to your possible article ideas and choose one of them.

Preferably the best topic you came up with. Something that you think would benefit a lot of people.

Also, be sure to choose a topic you know you can explain a lot about.

If it’s a product review, review the heck out of it.

If it’s an informative topic, explain everything you can to the fullest, and make it interesting.

If you are creating a Top 5 or Top 10 list of something related to your niche, make it the best one you’ve seen and include a ton of information that will benefit your readers.

You could also create an article explaining the basics of your niche.

Whatever you feel necessary to put as your second post.

For your regular article basic outline of how your content should be laid out.

As an example:

Title of Article (h1) If not already shown
Paragraph or sentence
2nd Heading (h2) A Main Topic
3rd Heading (h3) If you need to elaborate on something dealing with your 2nd heading
Images and paragraphs dealing with the 3rd heading
4th Heading (h2) A Main Topic
Any other headings (h3 – h5) and paragraphs dealing with 4th heading
5th Heading (h2)
Any other headings (h3 – h5) and paragraphs dealing with 5th heading
Conclusion and Recommendation, etc…

Simple as that. Your Paragraphs are where your high-quality content goes and your headings are your important topics related to the article.

You can use that as a template when writing your content. Feel free to change it however you need too.

Your article doesn’t have to be that long or include a ton of headings, but it needs to have a little bit of everything and be at least 1,000+ words.

Now, you should go ahead and write your second post now.

Be sure to add your categories, tags, fill out the SEO Title and SEO Description and then click ‘Publish’ (or save draft to work on it at a later time.)
Make sure you spend quite a bit of time on it.

Then come back for the next step.

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