Table of Contents

Step 1: Find Your Niche

Step 2: Find Your Domain Name

Step 3: Choose Your Hosting Company

Step 4: Find Your WordPress Theme

Step 5: Choose Categories For Your Niche

Step 6: Article Ideas From Your Categories

Step 7: Learn The WordPress Dashboard

Step 8: Create Your Important Pages

Step 9: Create Your First Post

Step 10: The Key is High-Quality Content

Step 11: Plan Your Future Posts

Step 12: Create Your Second Post

Step 13: Apply and Join Affiliate Programs

Step 14: The Last Step

Before we get right into learning, I want to personally thank you and congratulate you for taking action and going through my 15 Step Course. During this course, you will learn exactly how to start a blog website and earn money from it through affiliate marketing, through an advertising network and through a few other ways using your website.

==> What is a Blog Website?

Be sure to read the full article.

Throughout this course, I will recommend websites (products/services) that can make this process easier. Some of the links to the websites are my affiliate links. Meaning, I will receive a commission if you click on my link and make a purchase. It is not mandatory to go through my affiliate link. It does help me out. You will learn how to 

Starting a Blog website is a huge step in your journey that can pay off for you with enough hard work. You will need to follow and take action on what you learn.

By the time you reach the end of this guide, you will go from a newbie to an expert.

I highly recommend taking your time and following every step. I will even include tasks that I recommend you to complete before moving on to the next step.

If you don’t already know me, I want to introduce myself.

My name is David Pate, and I make a living working from home.

I went to school for Collision Repair, but I ended up working from home after going through family issues and having to stay at home a lot.

After making that first search for “How to Make Money Online” I was hooked.

​I went through a few websites and I saw a lot of potential. I knew I could start making money online, and I also knew it wouldn’t be easy. Spoiler: It hasn’t been.

It has been a long journey, but well worth it.

How I Make Money Online – Not A Secret!

Here is what I do:

I create websites dealing with a specific topic (niche).

After I start my website and set everything up, I create high-quality content related to that niche. My goal when creating content is to help others within my niche. If my content is good enough, it may get ranked within Google’s search results for specific keywords. If/when that happens, I can receive free targeted traffic to my website.

Within my content, I include my affiliate links to products and services I recommend. When the visitor clicks my affiliate link and purchases what I recommend, I will receive a percentage of the total sale. That’s called affiliate marketing and I am going to show you step by step what to do.

I created this image to help you understand how you make money with affiliate marketing:

The affiliate marketing concept is simple. Companies and individuals have products for sale online. To reach a larger audience, many of them will implement an affiliate program, or join an affiliate network that handles their affiliate program. What this means is, they will allow individuals (me and you) to promote their products and they will pay you a predetermined commission when you are responsible for a sale.

Simplified: You promote someone’s product or service and you will earn a commission when someone buys through your affiliate link.

I also have advertising network banner advertisements on a few of my websites.

I make money when a visitor at my website clicks an advertisement shown through the advertising network on my website. The advertiser pays me a certain amount of money for each click through the advertising network and the ad network keeps a certain percentage of each click for being the middleman.

I created this image to help you understand how you make money through an advertising network:

The basics of how to make money with a website through affiliate marketing or through an advertising network is that simple. Actually making enough money to make a living through your own website is a different story. It is NOT and will NOT be easy. Get that in your head right now. You will NOT GET RICH QUICK. 

You will have to work hard, and whatever you consider “success”, will not happen overnight.

It’s going to take time, money, hard-work, motivation and dedication.

Here is a real example of how you can make money with a Blog website through affiliate marketing:

Let’s just say, your website niche is golf clubs for kids. You write a review for a golf club. Within your review, you add your affiliate link where someone can buy the club for $29.99. If they click your affiliate link and actually buy the golf club, you will receive a percentage of the total sale.

How much you earn will be predetermined by the affiliate program. Some may pay 5% while others may pay 20%.

Every affiliate program is unique in its own way.

If you receive 20% of $29.99 you would receive a $5.99 commission every time someone goes through your affiliate link to purchase that golf club.

That’s not bad for one sale. You have the opporunity to make hundreds or thousands of those sales.

The best part is, you can promote anything you want that is available through an affiliate program!

The potential to earn with affiliate marketing is unlimited!

Remember what I said earlier though, it WILL NOT be easy…

If you decide to add an advertising network banner on your website, it’s easier to make money that way.

You create high-quality content, add the code to your website, and when someone clicks the advertisement you are paid a certain amount of money.

You make money through affiliate marketing when someone clicks your affiliate link and purchases the product or service you recommend.

Implementing an advertising network is easy to do and easy to earn. Affiliate Marketing is more complicated and a little bit tougher to earn from.

You will decide which one is right for you later on, and I never said you couldn’t do both.

You have the basic idea of what affiliate marketing and what an advertising network is, and how they work. Now what?

Well, you need to know exactly what is required from you and what you must have to make it even possible for you to make money through your own website.

What you Will Need before Starting a Blog Website:

1. Your own personal computer

I wouldn’t try to start a website on a public computer or with a mobile device. A laptop or desktop computer will be the best thing to have.

2. Reliable and secure internet access

McDonald’s WiFi will not be good enough. You will need Fast and secure internet at your home.

3. A personal (or business) bank account

If you don’t have a bank account, go to your local bank, setup an account and you’re good to go. Make sure they give you an account # and routing #. Be sure to keep your personal information secured.

4. An online payment processor that is verified (PayPal) and linked to your bank account

You MUST HAVE an online payment processor. PayPal is the most used payment processor, so be sure to create a PayPal account (Personal or Business) and link it to your Bank account and/or Credit Card. This ensures you will be able to send money to and from your Bank account and PayPal.

5. Plenty of time and extra money

Having plenty of time to learn what is necessary and extra money to buy things you need is a must. Don’t get me wrong, you can start a blog website for free and make money, but it will be way more difficult, trust me.

Once you have everything above, you will be able to make payments and get paid securely and conveniently.

There are more things you will need to do by the time you get to the end of this guide, but having everything above gets you started on the right track.

Are you ready to get started? If yes, continue on.

If not, you can contact me and I will try and answer any questions you have.

Send me an email to and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

It’s time to start learning and taking action on what you learn.

If at anytime you feel like you can’t accomplish or figure out how to do something I am explaining, contact me and we will work together to figure out what you need to do.

Think of me as your mentor.

I am here for you and always will be.

I’m going to give you a quick summary of what you will learn and what you will accomplish from this guide.

Throughout this guide, you will:

  • Learn how to find your niche.
  • Find the perfect domain name for you.
  • Register your domain name and you will set up your blog website using WordPress.
  • Choose a free (or paid) WordPress theme for your website.
  • Create or buy a unique logo for your website that matches your domain name.
  • Create different categories for your website that are relevant to your niche.
  • Create article ideas for your categories that you will write for your blog.
  • Learn everything about the WordPress dashboard. Including the sidebar, tags, widgets, plugins, pages, posts, users, tools, backup, settings, menus and dropdown menus, etc….
  • Learn how to add your own affiliate banners to your website and advertising network banners.
  • Create your main website pages (About, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Earnings Disclaimers, Refund Policies, etc…) and any other type of page that is relevant to your niche.
  • Write and publish your first post.
  • Plan for your future posts.
  • Learn how to create high-quality content and why it’s important.
  • Write your second high-quality post.
  • Join affiliate programs that have products related to your niche.
  • Learn as much as you can using the methods and resources I recommend.
  • Keep finding keywords with low competition and writing articles and product reviews that get ranked highly in search engines, while including your affiliate links in your articles and on your sidebar.
  • You are also going to get a lot more tips that will benefit you.

With that said, it’s about time for the first step, Finding your Niche.

The next steps may seem a bit confusing, but take your time, read it thorough and ask questions if you need help.

You can ask me directly. You can leave a comment down below. You can also do your own research.

Whichever you prefer. Just remember, I am always here to help you.

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