11th Step – Plan Your Future Posts

Remember how you wrote down your categories and future article ideas that deal with your different categories?

That is only one step in planning for your future posts.

As a blogger, you always need to have a topic you could write an article about.

What I mean is, you need to keep a list of topic ideas you can write about at any moment.

I recommend working on one article at a time. Maybe two at the most. You want your content to be of the highest quality and trust me on this, working on many different articles will lead to less quality content.

You don’t want to get overwhelmed and become unmotivated, which happens to the best of us.

Getting back to planning your future posts, when you see or think of one of your categories, you should instantly think of something to write about.

Remember, your categories are what your articles will be, well…categorized as.

If your niche is starting a blog and a category you chose was domains, write an article on choosing the right domain or something related to your category.

Your categories will give you a whole bunch of stuff to write about.

Important Tip: Anytime you have an idea for a potential article idea, WRITE IT DOWN. I have already said this once (or twice), and that is because you can easily forget about it. Write it down, and you can always go back and read it.

Planning your future posts should be easy, but if not, I want to give you a few tips to find article ideas you could write about.

Here is what you can do to find topic ideas and prepare for your future posts:

  • Use a keyword tool. Research keywords and see which ones are getting traffic. Write posts using the keyword as the main topic of the article. I recommend the Jaaxy keyword tool.
  • Use Google Instant. Go to Google and type in something and see what pops up as a recommendation before you ever finish typing. Those recommendations are usually getting a lot of searches and that’s why they are there.how to start a blog and make money
  • Browse social media, forums, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Google Trends, Youtube, etc… Get ideas of what type of questions people are asking about related to your niche, then write an article using and answering the question as your keyword.
  • As I stated earlier, use your categories to think of something you could write about and always write down potential article ideas.
  • If you receive comments from your visitors wanting to know more about a specific topic, create an article on it.
  • ==>47 Blog and Content Ideas to Write About

You need to always have something to write about.

Also, try to create a schedule for your new posts. I recommend you create a new article on your website at least once a week or once every two weeks.

You can create new posts without having to publish them. If you write a post and don’t want to publish it, click ‘Save Draft’ and continue the post when you get a chance.

Now onto the next step. Creating your second post for your website.

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