5th Step – Choose Categories for your niche

I need to ask you this question again, “What is your Niche?” For this step, you are going to come up with categories that are related to your niche. Doing this helps you come up with content to write about on your website. Depending on your niche, you will most likely have many categories. You … Read more5th Step – Choose Categories for your niche

1st Step – Find Your Niche

What is your favorite thing to do? I would like for you to answer that question for me. Is it…Flying quadcopters? Finding great deals? Hiking? Riding motorcycles or dirt bikes? Editing videos? Traveling the world? Training dogs? Fixing your car? Cutting your hair? Camping? Cutting your grass? Fixing computers or phones? Riding Atvs? Doing your … Read more1st Step – Find Your Niche